Educational Technology & Libraries Department (ET&L)

This siteĀ  provides links to digital learning resources for Brookline students. If you have questions or feedback, please contact your school based staff member listed below or contact Brookline's Digital Learning Specialist.

ETL Staff Directory

Below are listed the ETL staff across our schools. Each school is staffed by at least one Librarian and one Educational Technology Specialist (ETS). Names are linked to email addresses.

Baker School

Dominique Gonyer, Librarian
Deirdre Siegert, ETS

F. R. Ridley School
Julie Seifert, Librarian
Tyler Vuylsteke, ETS

Driscoll School
Anne Reid, Librarian
AnnMarie Mazzocchi, ETS

Hayes School
Lindsay Anderson, Librarian
Matt Durant, ETS

Lawrence School

Jennifer Sanders, Librarian
Kirsten Alper, ETS

Lincoln School

Deborah Abner, Librarian
Natalie Pinta, ETS

Pierce School

Amanda Kretschmar, Librarian
Sandy Sicard, ETS

Runkle School
Colleen Carney, Librarian
Jenny Murphy, ETS

Brookline High School

Bridget Knightly, Librarian

Shelley Mains, Librarian

Molly Wallner, Librarian

Maura McGill, Librarian, 22 Tappan
Lisa Francescon, ETS

District Wide
Scott Moore, Director of Ed Tech and Libraries
Bob Thomas, Digital Learning Specialist